Decorative Hand painted Mailboxes by Lori

  We are proud to introduce our newest Mariners Mailbox artist, Lori. Lori has been hand painting mailboxes for over 15 years. She has been selling her mailboxes at craft shows and now we have some of her best mailboxes here. There is a lighthouse box, a garden gate, several tractor, barn yard, wagon wheel and flag mailboxes. She hand paints both sides and seals the mail box with 14 coats of clear. WOW! She can also add your last name or house number to the box for free! Lori uses a standard residential mailbox. Each mailbox is a standard mailbox.  8 3/4″H X 6 3/4″W X 19″D

$74.95 + $5.00  Shipping

Lighthouse Mailbox

Flag Mailbox 1023

Flag Mailbox 1020

Orange Tractor Mailbox

Red Tractor Mailbox

Green Tractor Mailbox

Garden Gate Mailbox

Barn with Chickens Mailbox

Country scene 2 Mailbox

Country scene  Mailbox

Country scene 2 barns Mailbox

Country scene 4 Mailbox

Country scene 5 Mailbox

Country scene with wagon wheel Mailbox

Flying Duck  Mailbox