Half Life Story game

By | February 2, 2017

Half Life Story game


The game happens in two great locations: Black Mesa complex (research complex similar to Area 51) and Xen planet. The protagonist of the game is only a certain doctor named Gordon Freeman. This is one of the few survivors of an experiment out of control, which begin to open the gates to the world of inter-dimensional alien Xen, out of these gates aliens invading Black Mesa. Arsenal Freeman consists of military weapons (pistol Desert Eagle, Glock 17, gun MP5, rocket launcher, shotgun, crossbow, grenades, Satchel Charges, lasers), arms scientific experimental (Tau Cannon, gun gluons) and weapons extraterrestrial origin (Snark, Hornet Gun).

When Freeman tried to leave the complex and give a helping hand to the wounded, he finds himself caught between two parties: aliens hostile invading complex and army soldiers sent by the government to cover up the event by eliminating Freeman, the people science and alien. Throughout the game, a mysterious man by the name of G-man, always dressed in a blue suit and carrying a briefcase, it monitors Freeman. This helps in some situations and in others it sticks impeded. Finally, using the help of various scholars and guard Barney arrives in the Lambda, where a group of survivors who teleports in Xen, which must contend with Nihilanth, leader Lumei Xen and who keep doors open.

Two years later, in 1999, in Half Life appears the first expansion pack for the game called “Opposing Force” that has as main character Adrian Shephard, one of the soldiers present in the original game. In 2005, appears the second expansion pack “blue shift”, the game is viewed from guard Barney Calhoun initiative. The last expansion pack for Half-Life created is called Decay and can be played only on PS2.

Valve no hurry to launch Half-Life 3

It seems that the development of Half-Life 3 began in 2009, playing dealing with a team of 100 people. But Gates wanted to launch as soon Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2 and Dota 2, so that the Half-Life 3 remained working for the now 10 men. Another reason is that expectations are so high game that Valve fears it will not meet expectations and that will have to face the anger of fans. An example of this is what happened in 2012, when BioWare released Mass Effect 3 game whose outcome has caused an internet storm of negative reactions.

The game, Half Life would take a new and experimental form, comparable with the rest of the series. It will not be linear, but there will be no open world, but … something else. The game was described as having numerous environments such as jungles, hills and towns, which were built by hand. Initial experiments were done with procedural content generation, but did not go on this way, because the results were not impressive enough. It puts great emphasis on playing an authentic environment. NPCs will behave very much like real people, with an AI capable of generating dialogue from a variety words and inflections, and when you talk to the player, not only will look at him, but even they will follow. Half-Life 3 is not too will cinematicuri but simply characters will behave very authentic. The characters will be used for the environment, building pillboxes in the player previously abandoned buildings that almost destroyed them.

In Half Life, The level of realism is enhanced physics game. Objects in the environment will have deformation very detailed and lifelike physical properties for various materials in a similar manner in which this DMM 7 years ago. Even sham temperature, heat becomes very soft metal and things like becoming sticky rubber. Puzzles of physics do not really exist, at least not mandatory, these are generated for the player, depending on what equipment is available. There are also elements of the story / missions that will be generated in a similar way, with just variations on how they are composed, not to irritate players who all die one out and do not want to repeat the same sequence constantly.




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