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By | March 21, 2017

Clash Royale: Balance – Update integrated ice arena and new maps

Supercell officials has released a new balance update for Clash Royale that some maps have massively changed. But there is much more awaiting you. So there is a new Eisarena called Frozen Peak. There you turn, freeing new cards – over the ice cream of the bowler. The new balance update for Clash Royale is here. Opens the application’s game and Clash Royale should be updated immediately.

The developers want to update the value of multiple maps. The skeletal arm gets a longer skeleton, 20 to 21. The elixer cost of the Kobold barrel can be reduced to three, increasing the time of the goblin deployment to 1.2 seconds and removing the impact damage. If the giant skeleton of the damage is increased by 20 percent with the Dark Prince by eight percent. The bomber makes nine percent more damage and attack speed of the magician increased to 1.6 seconds. While Elixir collectors are no longer affected by delay and acceleration effects, increase the Inferno Tower Hit points to six, the Grave by nine, and increase the bomb tower by six percent.

In Clash Royale, there are eight arenas in which your units have been sent to battle. In the future, a ninth arena happens because Supercell is known in the Facebook channel for the game. The Arena is called “Frozen Peak” and is released by 2,300 trophies. This is Arena 8, which will set you free before the Legendary Arena. With the arena and a new tournament new cards come into play. If you can earn the remaining units in Clash Royale. An ordinary card is the ice-cream that freezes enemy groups.

The bowler is an epic unit and throw stones. But look forward to legendary cards. The woodcutter is a fighter, whose anger still fights after death. When fighting, wood is a stoned tree trunk. Clash Royale is one of the latest game highlights of the year in the App format. The makers always build new features in the game. Soon it will be possible to release in the Clash Royale tournament. Find out here if it is the start of the tournament, what are the advantages of the events and what you should consider. Select the tournaments in the main menu next to the clan selection.

You can participate in existing events or create your own tournaments. Create your own tournaments will cost you some jewels. The price depends on the type and scope of the event. Participation in pre-designed tournaments is, however, free of charge. At the same time, a maximum of one tournament must be attended, leaving a running tournament at any time. However, the progress will be lost. So the tournament runs as smoothly as possible and fixed over the stage, the events are selected according to your location, in order to complete within a time zone games at reasonable times.

Those who can secure the first place in a tournament are rewarded with chests that can contain up to 15,000 cards. Epic and legendary cards should also be smoked here. Prizes are not only for the winner of a tournament, but Supercell would like to make many winners happy. The prizes are to be distributed to more than one player in the top half of the ranking among the tournament participants. The tournament box will be introduced as a new type of chess in Clash Royale Hack. A maximum of one tournament box can be stored at the same time, but the tournament boxes occupy one of the four slot boxes.

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