Are we all up for Madden?

By | February 9, 2017

The player can thus choose to participate in a full match or to limit himself to the most important moments of the different time quarters (Third Down, Red Zone …). And this option does not block the possibility of returning, at any time, to the classic match. If you prefer the offensive phases, you can focus only on them (idem for the defensive sequences).

Finally, as with FIFA 17, the Ultimate Team mode makes its big comeback with a more interesting solo and the possibility of Set up a “Dream Team” (with the biggest names) that will take you to the heights. To conclude, know that manpower management, online games, seasons, statistics and results in real time, personalization of players … everything is there to burst you for hours and hours. There is even a “Practice Squad” which allows to select ten players from each team to evolve them and then integrate them into your workforce. In terms of sports, we really have the best in terms of content! Too bad it is not possible to play in co-op online.

Beyond the new duo of commentators (Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis), pleasant and in tone, Madden 17 displays convincing graphics. If the evolution is not extraordinary, it is noted that improvements have been made to the lighting and the different effects and the whole pleasantly flatters the retina. This tends to reinforce the passion that emerges from the NFL jousts.

Nevertheless, it is regrettable that the faces are sometimes too fixed and that some celebrations suffer from a somewhat too “robotised” aspect. Moreover, the player is not safe from bizarre animations or collisions come from elsewhere, but the overall rendering remains pleasant. The evolution compared to the past edition – which was already very pretty – is still minor, which is a little shame. Like FIFA 17, it’s a safe bet that Madden also benefits from a graphic boost but will have to be patient. Indeed, this edition does not exploit the famous Frosbite engine, unlike the new iteration of the round balloon.

At least, there had to be a big societal issue for the French media to finally focus on American football. For the best or for the worst. After the zoom on the concussions, bad recurring of this discipline, it is the refusal of a player to rise during the national anthem which raised the controversy and allowed to open a national debate. The “ugly little duck” Colin Kaepernick, quaterback of San Francisco, explained doing so in protest against the oppression of the black American community.

Without this strong political gesture, there would not have been a word about the NFL and the resumption of the season in the tricolor gazettes. Hard in these conditions for EA Sports to rally the European public to its cause with its series of Madden, yet carried to the firmament of the other side of the Atlantic.
EA Sports is once again undermined as ever, motivated by the idea of impressing its playmates with a new look and a loaded list of supplies. The developers focused on Madden NFL did not hesitate during the summer, offering even courses of support to settle the small imperfections highlighted by elitist teachers and therefore very demanding. We take pleasure in discovering new movements and technical gestures, taken from a last exercise during which the franchises competed with creativity to surprise their opponents. Use to introduce resources to help you win the game.

Every great player now has his “special move”, which has an immediate impact on the style of the team and the color of the match. This freedom of action, specific to the microsphere of quaterbacks, has therefore been enriched, reinforcing the strategic side of the title and making it even more spectacular.

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